How to use the MyHealthTracker Pro App

Welcome to MyHealthTracker Pro, a user-friendly healthcare app that provides practitioners with a simple and convenient way to manage their patients' gut health information and results. Developed in partnership with FoodPrint software, the MyHealthTracker platform enables laboratories to upload FoodPrint test results, which can be easily accessed, analysed, and shared with practitioners and their patients.

MyHealthTracker Pro

This user manual is for practitioners and will guide you through the process of using the platform, including registration, and navigating the dashboard. If you are a patient, you can find your user manual here.

Using the MyHealthTracker Pro app, you can:

  • Access your patients' FoodPrint results.
  • Manage your clients in one location.
  • View your patients' symptoms.
  • Review nutritional guidance.
  • Review Food Sensitivity Test Results


    To download the MyHealthTracker Pro app on a mobile device:

    1. Open the App Store or Play Store.
    2. Search for 'MyHealthTracker Pro' and select install.
    3. After installing, select the app to open it.

  • Review Food Sensitivity Test Results


    To start using the platform, you need to register as a practitioner user. User enrolment allows you to register, verify your email address, and accept operating terms and conditions and privacy notice.

    There are two ways to register on the platform:

    1. If you have been invited by a laboratory administrator, you will receive a link to download the app. After downloading, you can register using the link and view invitation details.
    2. If you discover the app on your own, you can register by submitting an expression of interest in the product. Your details will be provided to the MyHealthTracker Pro team to refer you to the appropriate partner, and consent to share your details will be obtained. The partner will invite you to the platform through their administration portal.
  • Review Food Sensitivity Test Results

    Registration process

    Once you have received your invitation email:

    1. Open the email from MyHealthTracker Pro.
    2. Follow the instructions and click on the link within the email.
    3. If you haven’t downloaded the app, the link will take you to download the app first and then take you to the registration screen.
    4. Confirm your details and click continue.
    5. Then you are asked to agree to the terms of use, privacy policy, and cookie policy.
    6. Following the onscreen instructions which will ask you to verify your email. To do this, enter your email and click send verification code.
    7. You will receive an email with a verification code.
    8. Add this code to the verification code section and click verify code.
    9. Create a password, confirm it, and click create.
  • Review Food Sensitivity Test Results

    Logging in

    How to set up your login:

    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Enter your password.
  • Review Food Sensitivity Test Results

    Using the app


    The Dashboard screen provides a ‘home’ navigation point from which to begin navigation through the platform. The dashboard gives you the ability to:

    1. Review recent activity
    2. Access recent results and conveniently navigate to the relevant report.
    3. Displays recently completed patient wellness diary entries.


    The main menu feature allows you to navigate the app.

    • Dashboard
    • Patients
    • Reports
    • Wellness Diary
    • FAQ
    • Guidance
    • Settings
    • Logout


    The Settings & Profile screen provides you with the ability to:

    • Change the current avatar image
    • Change current access password
    • Review current Terms & Conditions
    • Review current Privacy Policy

    Control Auto-Publishing preference - you will also be able to enable or disable auto-publishing of reports for your patients. Where auto-publishing of the report is disabled, the default for publishing is set for 7 days.

    Patient view

    The Patient View feature allows you to view and manage your FoodPrint clients in one location. From this view, you can easily access each patient's profile, FoodPrint test results, and wellness diary entries. You can also add new patients to your profile and manage your patient list.

    To view a patient's profile, simply search their name in the Patient View. From here, you can view their personal details, test results, and wellness diary entries.

    Reports view

    The Report View provides you with the ability to:

    • View a list of historical reports.
    • Visualise report data.
    • Access content relevant to specific test results.
    • View FoodPrint reports and interact with result data.
    • Access content on all supported foods tested.
    • Access food guidance.

    Wellness Diary

    As a practitioner, you can use this tool to gain insight into the symptoms experienced by your patients over time and compare them with their dietary adherence. Here's how it works:

    1. Patients can record their symptoms over time and share them with you through the Wellness Diary feature.
    2. You can view completed symptom responses from your patients in the platform.
    3. New patient wellness diary entries will be presented in your dashboard, making it easy to keep up with your patients' progress.
    4. You can access wellness diary entries for a patient from the Wellness Diary menu item, Dashboard, and Patient View.

    By using the Wellness Diary feature, you can work together with your patients to build a more complete picture of their symptoms and tailor their treatment plan accordingly.

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